Delhi 04: Three Grandmasters in lead

The top-board clash in Round 4 of the Delhi Open 2016 saw GM Ivan Popov score an enterprising victory over GM Nguyen Duc Hoa. Playing the black side of a Modern Benoni, Popov wheeled out a theoretical exchange sacrifice right after the opening. Soon, the battle turned complex and a few mutual mistakes were observed. However, White’s blunder on the 41st move enabled Popov to clinch the matters almost immediately.

On the 2nd and 3rd boards, GMs Anton Demchenko and Sivuk Vitaly overcame Himal Gusain and IM Rahul Sangma respectively.

The star of the round, however, turned out to be Pradeep Kumar R. A of India. The untitled Indian registered an upset by defeating Russian GM Artur Gabrielian.

After four rounds of this 10-round open, GMs Ivan Popov, Anton Demchenko and Vitaly Sivuk are leading the pack with 4/4 each.

Round 4 Results: Here

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