Padmini: “I don’t really want to wait till the New Year to start something good”

She came, she saw, she conquered. She won the prestigious National Women’s Premier in 2014, 2015 and as the 43rd National Women’s Premier concluded recently at Delhi, we witnessed yet another performance of Padmini Rout at her maximum!

Fierce on the board and cool off the board, she has many titles to her credit. Currently she is preparing for the Women’s World Chess Championship which will be in February 2017. We spoke to her and asked her questions which we now present to you. Read on.

Padmini with the Champion’s trophy after winning the 43rd National Women’s Premier Chess Championship at Delhi.

Rucha Pujari: Congratulations Padmini on winning the prestigious National Women’s Premier, and now third time in a row, wow! How do you feel and what was your first reaction?

Padmini Rout: Thanks. I am very happy and I was kinda relieved after completion of the event.

Tell us how the tournament went for you. How did you approach the games and what was your strategy? How did you prepare for the games, how was it different for this round robin tournament?

I think it went smooth. I went to the games with a free head. Like all my opponents were doing, I too checked their games and made strategies against them.

After the tournament you said that you were happy with your play, especially in your game against Vijayalakshmi which was quite crucial and important for you. What happened in that game?


Padmini, Rout • 1-0 • Vijayalakshmi, Subbaraman

36…Nc3-a2?! Like they say “A knight in the rim is grim”.  I got some serious attack after it.

Winning the Premier is a big achievement. How much effort did it take for you to win this glorious championship? Looking back, what can you say was a turning point of your career?

Well, I don’t know how to measure effort but in succinct I am a devoted chess player. Winning the U-11 girl’s Nationals in 2005, I could say was the turning point!

Devoted to Chess. Source: Padmini’s Facebook

How do you look at Women’s Chess in India? What do you think can be done to inspire more girls to take up Chess and consider as a career choice?

I see us as with lot of potential! I think Indian Oil did a great job in giving jobs to women players. Therefore I want to thank D V Prasad who initiated the process. So young girls who look up at us will be inspired to see that we have this financial security and we can play chess freely without any worry.

2017 is coming up! Which tournaments will you be playing around the year, and what are your goals?

My first World Cup could very well be my first tournament of next year! 🙂  I will try to play in strong open tournaments.

Aiming High. Source: Padmini’s Facebook

How do you select the tournaments you would want to play? How far in advance do you plan?

I prefer tournaments which are well organized and attract strong players. I try to plan them at least two months in advance.

Also tempted to ask, New Year resolutions? 🙂

Well I don’t really want to wait till the New Year to start something good. So all improvements are implemented with immediate effect as and when understood.

Padmini Rout: I don’t really want to wait till the New Year to start something good Click To Tweet

When and how did you start playing Chess? What is your first Chess memory?

When I was around 8 – 9 years old, during summer vacations we would go to my native place, and there my father would take me along to his friend’s house (who had a daughter who played musical instruments) where he would endlessly play chess. After kibitzing a few games I would sit with his daughter and play music instead. Those days I preferred music over chess and now it is just the other way around.

You seem to be participating in Open tournaments since a very young age. Do you think that has helped you, over playing women-only events?

Definitely. There is more competition. I personally feel all women player should play in as many open tournaments possible in order to improve further.

What would be your words of inspiration for the upcoming players?

Enjoy the process of becoming good at your chosen field of work. Not everyone is lucky to have passion as their profession.

Source: Padmini’s Facebook
Padmini Rout: Enjoy the process of becoming good at your chosen field of work Click To Tweet



What do you think you would be if not a chess player?

A scientist.

Three people you would like to invite for dinner.

A P J Abdul Kalam, Richard Feynman and Vivekananda.

How many players do you think you can play simultaneously in blindfold chess?

Umm never tried more than 2.

One Super Power you would like to have.


You won the Premier three times in a row, and just recently Carlsen won the World Championship third time in a row! What do you think is common between you two?

Only that!!


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