Bosna International Round 7: GM Hrvoje in sole lead

The top-board clash in the 7th round of the Bosna International Open 2015 saw GMs Hrvoje and Antipov split points. With this draw, the former maintains his sole-lead over his nearest rivals. Seven players, including 6 GMs and an IM, are joint-second.

The 8th and the penultimate round of the tournament will witness GM Nikolic taking on the leader GM Hrvoje on the first board. With the former being vastly experienced and the latter in a very good form, this encounter promises to be a cracking one.

Complete Results of Round 7:

Bosna Open Round 3: 7 GMs in joint lead

The 3rd round of the Bosna International Open 2015 saw 3 GMs – Robert Markus, Predojevic and Antipov Mikhail – being held to draws by FM Gazik, GM Drazic and FM Burkovic respectively. However, the rest of the results on the top boards went in the favour of the higher-rated players.

Thus, at the end of the 3rd round, 7 Grandmasters lead the pack with a perfect score of 3/3.  With GM vs GM encounters on all of the top 4 boards in the next round, the 4th round of this 9-round open promises to be quite an interesting one.

Complete Round 3 Results:

45th Bosna International Tournament starts today!

The 45th edition of the Bosna International Tournament is all set to commence today with a total of 142 players participating. The field of this 9 round event is quite strong with as many as 19 Grandmasters in the fray.

The tournament will be played over a period of 7 days starting from 30th May to 5th June. Some of the strong players participating are:

1) GM Markus (2628)

2) GM Predojevic (2623)

3) GM Kozul (2620)

4) GM Nikolic (2618)

5) GM Stevic (2596)

Complete Starting List: