Chicago Open: IM Jeffery Xiong wins

IM Jeffery Xiong (2497) beat GM Lazaro Batista (2684) to win the Chicago Open, 2015 with a score of 7.0/9, half a point ahead of GM Gata Kamsky (2673) and six others who tied for second place with 6.5/9.

Indian IM Ashwin Jayaram, who had earlier registered a GM norm performance, settled for a draw in his last round game to finish with 6.0/9.

You may check the final standingsĀ here.

Chicago Open: Nine players tied for lead, another norm for IM Ashwin Jayaram

Nine players were tied for lead at the end of eight rounds with 6.0/8. In the eighth round, the top board witnessed a crucial encounter between Cuban GM Lazaro Batista (2684) and America GM Gata Kamsky (2673) which ended in a draw.

IM Ashwin Jayaram of India meanwhile won his round eight encounter to move to 5.5/8 to score his GM norm. He has all the required norms and just needs to cross 2500 elo rating to become a Grand Master.

See the standingsĀ here.