Chinese Championship: Wei Yi becomes the Chinese National Champion

Despite losing his last round game to World Junior Champion GM Lu Shanglei (2606), GM Wei Yi (2718) won the Chinese National Chess Championship, 2015 with a score of 7.5/11.

He finished half a point ahead of GM Ding Liren (2757) who beat IM Wang Chen (2536) to finish with 7.0/11. GM Yu Yangyi (2723) meanwhile lost his last round encounter to remain stranded at 6.5/11.

Check out the final ranking cross-table here.

Chinese Championship: Wei Yi draws to keep one point lead

GM Wei Yi (2718) drew his tenth round game with GM Wang Hao (2710) to keep the lead of a healthy point over the second placed GM Yu Yangyi (2723). He has 7.5/10 points.

GM Yangyi defeated IM Wang Chen (2536) to stay in the second spot with 6.5/10. The top seeded GM Ding Liren (2757) settled for a draw in his game to slip to the third spot with 6.0/10.

Check out the ranking cross-table after 10 rounds here.

Chinese Championship: Wei Yi leads

Chinese prodigy GM Wei Yi (2718) stands atop the standings at the end of nine rounds of play with 7.0/9 at the 2015 Chinese Chess Championship. He drew his game with GM Zhao Jun (2613) in a fairly quick game which nevertheless petered out till the bare kings left on the board after a series of forced exchanges resulted in a drawn ending.

The strongest Chinese player ever, GM Ding Liren (2757) settled for a draw to be tied at the second spot with GM Yu Yangyi (2723) with 5.5/9. GM Yu Yangyi was able to outsmart IM Lin Chen (2460) with an impressive display of precision in an instructive finish.

You may view the ranking cross-table after nine rounds here.