Aeroflot Chess Rd. 6: Sasikiran loses, Adhiban wins

Indian GM Krishnan Sasikiran lost to co-leader Russian GM Daniil Dubov to lose the lead at the Aeroflot Open, 2015. Playing the black side of a Ruy Lopez, Sasikiran was holding tight in a rook endgame until an unfortunate slip cost him the game.

Sasi (Black) to play and reach the time control...
Sasi (Black) to play and reach the time control…

Reaching the time-control, white had just played 40.Ra3 with the point that 40…Rxc2? 41.Rc3 Rxg2 42.Rg3+ and the b pawn queens. Hence, black should have played something like 40…Kf6! where he holds. Instead, Sasi went captured on c2 and ended up losing after 40…Rxc2 41.Rc3 Rd2 when the b-pawn is simply too fast.

Dubov shares lead with Nepomniachtchi

Sasi’s slip proved costly for him, enabling GM Dubov to share the lead with GM Nepomniachtchi who won his game.

Meanwhile, GM Adhiban registered a very important victory with the black pieces agains GM Korobov of Ukraine where he nursed his advantage to a winning rook endgame. This win took his tally to a commendable 4.5/6 in the super-strong field.

The other Indians in the fray had a bad day with GM Sethuraman, GM Vishnu Prasanna and IM Swayams Mishra drawing their games. GM Ankit Rajpara had to face defeat despite playing the white pieces while GM Gujrathi lost defending with black pieces. GM Sandipan Chanda too slipped to suffer another loss.

Results of Indian players in Group A

Name Rtg Result Name Rtg
Dubov Daniil 2627 1 – 0 Sasikiran Krishnan 2682
Korobov Anton 2694 0 – 1 Adhiban B. 2646
Jumabayev Rinat 2572 1 – 0 Vidit Santosh Gujrathi 2625
Mozharov Mikhail 2555 ½ – ½ Sethuraman S.P. 2623
Swayams Mishra 2440 ½ – ½ Goganov Aleksey 2598
Kotronias Vasilios 2565 ½ – ½ Vishnu Prasanna. V 2477
Ankit R. Rajpara 2477 0 – 1 Yilmaz Mustafa 2570
Sandipan Chanda 2569 0 – 1 Asgarizadeh Ahmad 2412

(winners are in bold)

All standings

Dull day for Indians at Aeroflot Open, 2015


The Indian chess-players had a dull day in the fifth round of the Aeroflot Open, 2015. The Aeroflot has traditionally been a very strong event with many of the best grandmasters competing in Moscow, Russia.

Sasikiran & 3 others lead

At the end of five rounds, four players viz., GM Ian Nepomniachtchi , GM Jorden Van Foreest, GM Daniil Dubov and GM Krishnan Sasikiran lead the pack with 4.0/5. Indian star GM Sasikiran settled for a draw with white pieces after 29 moves with co-leader GM Van Foreest. GM Nepomniachtchi and GM Dubov had to win their respective games to join the leaders.

The other Indians in the fray had a dour outing.

Adhiban, Gujrathi, Rajpara & Swayams draw

Grandmasters Adhiban, Gujrathi, Rajpara drew their respective games with players rated lower to them. IM Swayams Mishra held fort against higher rated GM Pavel Pnkratov of Russia to earn a draw.

Sethuraman, Chanda & Prasanna lose

GMs Sethuraman, Chanda and Vishnu Prasanna had to concede losses to players rated higher than them. India’s National champion GM Sethuraman lost to Hungarian star GM Richard Rapport while GM Sandipan Chanda fell to Russian GM Aleksey Goganov. GM Prasanna had to accept defeat against UAE’s strongest player GM Salem A.R. Saleh.

Results and pairings for Indian players:

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Aeroflot Chess round 3 : Sasikiran in sole lead

It was a good day for India at Chess.

India’s Krishnan Sasikiran beat Ponkratov Pavel (ELO 2613) of RussiaRussia to take sole lead after 3 rounds of Aeroflot Chess.

Adhiban (2646) missed some good winning chances and had to settle for a draw against Ian Nepomniatchichi (2714, RUS)

Swayams Mishra (2440) defeated higher rated Pavel Tregubov (2617)

Vidit (2625) drew Korobov (2694)

Sethuraman (2623) beat Can (2555)

Vishnu (2477) beat Jumabayev (2572)

Aeroflot Chess : Sasikiran in joint lead after round 2

Sasikiran is in joint lead with full points at the end of round 2 of Aeroflot Chess being held in Russia. Vishy Anand’s Second, Sandipan Chanda lost his second game on the trot!

Round 2 results

Sasikiran (2) 2682 beat GM Potkin Vladimir 2605

Adhiban (1.5) drew Svetushkin Dmitry 2592

Vidit (1.5) drew GM Fedoseev Vladimir 2674

Sethuraman (1) beat Svane Rasmus 2509

Sandipan Chanda (0) lost to Idani Pouya 2496

Ankit Rajpara (0.5) lost to GM Khismatullin Denis 2650

Vishnu Prasanna (0.5) lost to GM Shimanov Aleksandr 2594

Swayams Mishra (1) drew GM Anton Guijarro David 2614

All Results :

Aeroflot Open Chess, Mar 27 – Apr 4, 9 rounds swiss, ELØ 2582, Russia

The very strong Aeroflot Open 2015 Chess tourney has begun. Its a 9 round swiss tourney with ELØ 2582!

Top players (A)

1 GM Mamedyarov Shakhriyar AZE 2756
2 GM Nepomniachtchi Ian RUS 2714
3 GM Rapport Richard HUN 2709
4 GM Vallejo Pons Francisco ESP 2708
5 GM Inarkiev Ernesto RUS 2706

Indian players (also playing in the A group)

8 GM Sasikiran Krishnan IND 2682
18 GM Adhiban B. IND 2646
24 GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi IND 2625
25 GM Sethuraman S.P. IND 2623
45 GM Sandipan Chanda IND 2569
63 GM Ankit R. Rajpara IND 2477
64 GM Vishnu Prasanna. V IND 2477
68 IM Swayams Mishra IND 2440


1 3/27/2015 15:00 MSK (UTC+3) 12:00 GMT 17:30 IST
2 3/28/2015 15:00 MSK (UTC+3) 12:00 GMT 17:30 IST
3 3/29/2015 15:00 MSK (UTC+3) 12:00 GMT 17:30 IST
4 3/30/2015 15:00 MSK (UTC+3) 12:00 GMT 17:30 IST
5 3/31/2015 15:00 MSK (UTC+3) 12:00 GMT 17:30 IST
6 4/1/2015 15:00 MSK (UTC+3) 12:00 GMT 17:30 IST
7 4/2/2015 15:00 MSK (UTC+3) 12:00 GMT 17:30 IST
8 4/3/2015 15:00 MSK (UTC+3) 12:00 GMT 17:30 IST
9 4/4/2015 15:00 MSK (UTC+3) 12:00 GMT 17:30 IST

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