Asian Continental Chess Final: GM Salem crowned Asian champion!

The final round of the Asian Continental Chess Championship 2015 saw the top-board game between GMs Salem A. R. Saleh and Vidit Gujrathi end in a quick draw while on the second board, GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly overcame GM Zhang Zhong in an inspired fashion. As a result, Salem and Ganguly both ended up with 7 points each. However, Salem was crowned the new Asian Continental Champion, thanks to his better tie-break score.

Meanwhile, the third place was secured by GM Sethuraman, who pipped GMs Vidit and Zhou Jianchao on the tie-breaks.

The surprise factor of this tournament turned out to be Maghsoodloo Parham, an untitled player from Iran who notched up a total of 6 points. He secured the 6th position in the final rankings and finished ahead of several strong Grandmasters.

Final Rankings: Here

Asian Continental Chess 07: Gupta, Ganguly among leaders

With victories over IM Lin Chen and GM Sethuraman respectively in the 7th round of the Asian Continental Chess Championship 2015, GMs Abhijeet Gupta and Salem A. R. Saleh moved on to a tally of 5.5 points out of a possible 7. The duo, along with GM Ganguly, are currently leading the pack with 2 rounds to go.

Meanwhile, the leading trio is being closely followed by 7 players, including Indian GMs Sasikiran, Sengupta and Vidit, on 5/7.

The penultimate round of the tournament will witness an all-India clash on the top board with GMs Gupta and Ganguly paired against each other whilst GM Salem will be up against GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son on the second table.

Complete Round 7 Results: Here

Asian Continental Chess 06: Indians reigning supreme

The sixth round of the Asian Continental Chess Championship 2015 saw the top-board clash between the leaders Lin Chen & Surya Shekhar Ganguly end quickly with a 11-move draw. The duo are currently leading the pack with a score of 5/6.

The second-board game between Le Quang Liem and Abhijeet Gupta, however, compensated for the short draw on board one. In this crucial encounter, the Vietnamese GM dominated the latter right from the opening. However, an ill-timed Rook swap in the endgame saw Le Quang Liem lose all his advantage. As such, the game soon petered out into a draw on move 59.

In other top games, Indian GMs Vidit and Sethuraman overcame their Grandmaster opponents to move on to 4.5/6. As many as 6 players, including Vidit, Sethuraman and Gupta are trailing the leaders by half a point with 3 more games to go.

Round 6 Results: Here

Asian Continental Chess 05: Ganguly wins, Vishnu loses

The 5th round of the Asian Continental Chess Championship 2015 saw both the encounters between the 4 joint-leaders end decisively. Indian GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly overcame Iranian GM Darini Pouria whilst the in-form Chinese IM Lin Chen won against Indian GM Vishnu Prasanna. As such, the aforementioned winners are jointly-leading the table after the 5th round with 4.5 points each.

Meanwhile, the trio of GMs Le Quang Liem, Abhijeet Gupta and Rustam Khusnutdinov is close on the leaders’ heels with 4/5.

Round 5 Results: Here

Asian Continental Chess 04: Four players in lead

The top board game in the 4th round of the Asian Continental Chess Championship 2015 between GMs Vishnu and Ganguly resulted in a fighting draw after 44 moves. This result allowed GM Darini Pouria and IM Lin Chen to catch up with the Indian duo by winning their respective games today. The aforementioned four players currently lead the pack with 3.5/4.

Meanwhile, as many as 10 players, including 4 Indians GMs, are placed joint-second with a tally of 3 points each.

Asian Continental Chess 03: Ganguly, Vishnu in lead

The Indian dominance at the Asian Continental Chess Championship 2015 continued as GMs Ganguly and Vishnu Prasanna took up the joint lead with a perfect score after Round 3. In the third round, Ganguly overcame GM Vakhidov after the latter blundered on move 64 in a drawn position while Vishnu Prasanna masterfully outplayed his compatriot GM Lalith Babu in a largely one-sided game.

Meanwhile, as many as 8 players, including 3 Indians are tied for the second spot with 2.5/3.

The 4th round promises to be an exciting one with Ganguly and Vishnu all set to lock horns against each other in a crucial all-India battle. A win tomorrow for either player will definitely put the winner in a strong position for the upcoming rounds.

Round 3 Results: Here