Italian Team Chess Final: ‘O. R. Padova’ and ‘Circolo Scacchi’ triumph!

Open Section:

With an overwhelming 3.5-0.5 win over 3rd seeds ‘A.S.D. Circolo Scacchi’, top seeds ‘Obiettivo Risarcimento Padova’ clinched the CIS Master Italian Team Championship 2015 ahead of ‘WorldTradingLab Club 64 Modena’, thanks to their superior Board Points.

In the A.S.D. Circolo Scacchi vs Padova encounter, only GM Axel Rombaldoni managed to salvage half a point for the former team, while Padova rocked the remaining boards with GM Nakamura, GM Dvirnyy and GM Mogranzini winning their respective games. However, for ‘WorldTradingLab Club 64 Modena’, the win didn’t come as easily, with the ‘Banca Nuova Palermo’ players putting up a great fight. It was IM D’Amore’s victory against FM Ramondino that clinched the match for ‘WorldTradingLab’ with a 2.5-1.5 scoreline.

Final Standings:

Women’s Section:

In the women’s section, ‘A.S.D. Circolo Scacchi’ won all their matches and clinched the title with a perfect score of 8 Match-Points. ‘A.S.D. Cielo D’Alcamo Scacchi’ secured the second place with a crucial 2.5-0.5 victory against ‘S.S. Lazio Scacchi’ in the last round while ‘S.S. Lazio Scacchi’ could only finish third despite having a great start to the tournament.

Final Standings:

Italian Team Chess 06: O. R. Padova shocked

The sixth round of the Italian Team Chess Championship 2015 witnessed a major surprise as 8th seeds ‘Banca Nuova Palermo’ shockingly overcame the top seeds ‘Obiettivo Risarcimento Padova’. Untitled Ferro Mario starred for Palermo as he scored a crucial victory over GM Dvirnyy. With GM Palac holding Top GM Vachier-Lagrave to a draw and FMs Mazzali and Amato drawing their Grandmaster opponents, Palermo clinched the match 2.5-1.5.

After 6 rounds, 4 teams are tied for the top spot with 9 points each. However, owing to their better board points, A.S.D. Circolo Scacchi are ahead of the rest.

Complete Round 6 Results:

Italian Team Chess 05: MVL stunned as A.S.D. Arrocco holds Padova

Open Section

In a surprising turn of events, young Italian FM Altini Nicola stunned Super GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and starred in A.S.D. Arrocco Chess Club’s surprise draw against top-seeds ‘Obiettivo Risarcimento Padova’. The third and fouth board players for Arrocco – FM Boscolo and untitled Cappai – also came to the party as they drew GMs Vocaturo and Mogranzini respectively.

Despite this setback, O.R. Padova comfortably lead the pack with 9 match-points, followed by four teams on 7 points.

Complete Round 5 Results:

Women’s Section:

After 3 rounds, A.S.D. Circolo Scacchi and S.S. Lazio Scacchi lead the table with 6 match-points each. The teams will clash today in a crucial last round encounter.

Complete Round 3 Results:

Italian Team Chess 2015: O.R.Padova in sole lead

GM Sabino Brunello held World #5 GM Nakamura (not in the picture) to a draw.
GM Sabino Brunello held World #5 GM Nakamura (not in the picture) to a draw, albeit in a losing cause. (Pic Source:

After 3 rounds of the CIS Master Italian Team Championship 2015, top seeds ‘Obiettivo Risarcimento Padova’, boasting of such players as Nakamura, Vachier-Lagrave and Bacrot, took the sole lead with a perfect score of 6 match-points. This became possible courtesy of a comfortable 3-1 victory over 2nd seeds ‘WorldTradingLab Club 64 Modena’ in Round 3. Although Padova’s star-player GM Nakamura could only manage a draw against GM Brunello, their young Italian GMs Vocaturo and Dvirnyy came to the party with wins over IM D’Amore and IM Caprio respectively.

The battle between the 3rd and the 4th seeds – A.S.D. Circolo Scacchi vs P.W. Napoli – ended in a well-fought 2-2 draw with FM Bonafede scoring for A.S.D. Circolo Scacchi and IM Collutiis equalizing for Napoli. The other two games finished in draws, thus ensuring 1 match-point each for both the teams.

Rankings after 3 Rounds:

1) Obiettivo Risarcimento Padova – 6 Points

2) Il Grifone d’Arzignano – 4 Points

3)  WorldTradingLab Club 64 Modena – 4 Points … (18 Teams)

Complete Round 3 Results:

Women’s Section:

In the Women’s Section, A.S.D. Circolo Scacchi and S.S. Lazio Scacchi won their respective matches 3-0, and as such, have taken up the joint lead after Round 1 in this 5 round tournament.

Complete Round 1 Results:

CIS Master 2015 from Apr 29 – May 3

The 47th CIS Master (Italian Team Chess championship) takes place from Apr 29 – May 3. Its a 7 round swiss tourney featuring top 18 teams on the Italian circuit.

The league has attracted top players like Hikaru Nakamura (USA), Eitenne Bacrot (FRA), Maxime-Vachier Lagrave (FRA) and several other GMs. All these top players are playing for ‘Obiettivo Risarcimento Padova’.

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