Indian Women Challengers Final: Vaishali Wins!

The final round of the RamRatna 42nd National Women Challengers 2015 turned out to be a hard-fought one with all the top 9 games finishing decisively. Vaishali R, Tania Sachdev and Soumya Swaminathan won their respective games to tie for the first spot with a tally of 9 points each. However, Vaishali was crowned the ‘National Women Challengers 2015’ Champion, thanks to her superior Tie-Break score. Vaishali also gained a whooping 80 Rating points from this 11-Round event.

Meanwhile, the Runner-Up spot was clinched by Soumya Swaminathan, followed by Tania Sachdev on the Third rank.

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Indian Women Challengers Round 10: In for an exciting finish!

The penultimate round of the RamRatna 42nd National Challengers Chess Championship 2015 proved to be the most exciting one so far. The top-board encounter saw Soumya Swaminathan convincingly win against overnight leader Vaishali R. In a game which took off with the Scotch Opening, Soumya calmly and swiftly overcame her in-form opponent.

This defeat of Vaishali’s allowed Soumya Swaminathan, Tania Sachdev and Bhakti Kulkarni to catch up with her on the top spot. The aforementioned four players lead the table with 8 points apiece, closely followed by Michelle Catherina on 7.5 points.

With a lot of players packed closely together ahead of the 11th round, the final round promises to be nothing short of exciting.

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Indian Women Challengers Round 9: Vaishali back in lead!

A swift victory by Vaishali R over Michelle Catherina in the 9th round of the RamRatna 42nd National Women Challengers 2015 saw the former regain her sole lead with a tally of 8/9. Vaishali emerged a pawn up out of the opening and never really allowed Michelle to get back in the game. Michelle resigned on move 41, thus marking Vaishali’s 8th full-point of the tournament.

Meanwhile, the top-board game between Bhakti Kulkarni and Tania Sachdev turned out to be a rather long draw with 88 moves being played. This draw has pushed Tania back to the second spot whilst Bhakti Kulkarni and Soumya Swaminathan are ranked joint-3rd.

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Indian Women Challengers Round 8: Tania defeats Vaishali

A Caruana-like start by Vaishali R at the RamRatna 42nd National Challengers Chess Championship was brought to a halt by top-seed Tania Sachdev as the latter won a convincing game against the overnight leader with a nice tactical blow on move 33. With this win, Tania has joined Vaishali at the top of the rankings with 7 points apiece.

In other top games, Bhakti Kulkarni overcame Rucha Pujari while Michelle Catherina won against Ivana Maria Furtado. With these wins, Bhakti and Michelle have taken up the joint second spot with 6.5 points each.

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Indian Women Challengers Round 7: Vaishali does a ‘Caruana’!

Tamil Nadu youngster Vaishali R continued her unchallenged dominance at the RamRatna 42nd National Challengers Chess Championship as she overcame Saranya J in a fine attacking game with the White pieces. Vaishali dramatically sacrificed a knight on move 14 with the idea of exposing her opponent’s King in the centre, and after that, there was no looking back. Saranya resigned on the 23rd move. With this win, Vaishali has notched up an exhilarating ‘Caruana-like’ start with 7 points in as many games.

Meanwhile, on the 2nd board, top seed Tania Sachdev won a convincing game with the White pieces in the Main Line of Slav Defence. Tania is now ranked a sole second, one point behind Vaishali.

The top-board game in Round 8 promises to be a crucial one as Vaishali R, playing black, will take on Tania Sachdev. A draw or win for Vaishali will keep her comfortably placed ahead of the rest of the field. However, a victory for Tania will leave the field wide open.

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Indian Women Challengers Round 6: Vaishali Unstoppable!

The 6th round of the 42nd Indian Women Challengers Chess Championship saw Vaishali R retain her perfect score as she overcame IM Nisha Mohota with the black pieces. After a rather strange opening, the chances looked evenly balanced. However, in the middlegame, Vaishali got a strong attack going on the King side which ultimately resulted in a swift victory for the Tamil Nadu player.

Meanwhile, the 2nd-board game between Nimmy A. G. and Michelle Catherina ended in peace while top seed Tania Sachdev scored a victory over Priyanka K on the 3rd board.

After 6 rounds, Vaishali R leads the pack with a fantastic tally of 6/6, followed by 5 players on 5/6.

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Indian Women Challengers Round 5: Vaishali on 5/5!

After 5 rounds of the 42nd National Women Challengers Chess Championship 2015, Vaishali R from Tamil Nadu is ruling the roost with a perfect score of 5/5. A victory over WGM Bhakti Kulkarni of Goa has put Vaishali in the sole lead, just ahead of Nisha Mohota, Nimmy A.G. and Michelle Catherina, all of whom are on 4.5 points each.

Meanwhile, top seed Tania Sachdev is on the joint 3rd spot with 6 others.

The 6th round will be an interesting one as Vaishali will meet the experienced IM Nisha Mohota while Nimmy and Michelle will clash against each other.

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