Hogeschool Zeeland 09: Jobava wins with 8.0/9

Georgian GM Baadur Jobava (2664) won in style to finish clear first with 8.0/9. He had only two draws in the tournament, winning the remaining games to win by a half point margin.

Among the Indians, IM Prasanna Rao (2424) won his final round game to finish at 7.0/9, while IM Arghyadip Das (2485) drew with IM Somak Palit (2346) and GM Ankit Rajpara (2460) too drew his game to move to 6.5/9.

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Hogeschool Zeeland 08: Jobava in sole lead

Gerogian GM Baadur Jobava (2664) won his penultimate round encounter at the top board to enter sole lead going into the final round with 7.0/8..

The majority of Indian players such as IM Arghyadi Das (2485), GM Ankit Rajpara (2460), IM Prasanna Rao (2424), IM Somak Palit (2345) are all standing at 6.0/8.

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Hogeschool Zeeland 06: Rajpara loses as three players share lead with 5.5/6

GM Ankit Rajpara (2460) lost his sixth round game to be stranded at 4.5/6 while three players raced away to joint lead with 5.5/6.

IM Prasanna Rao (2424) has made an admirable comeback to stand at 5.0/6 while Yogesh Gautam (2207) slipped up to lose and remains stuck at 3.5/6. WIM Parnali Dharia (1978) also failed to win to remain at 3.0/6.

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Hogeschool Zeeland 05: Ankit Rajpara among leaders

GM Ankit Rajpara (2460) stood among the leaders after defeating compatriot Yogesh Gautam (2207) to move to 4.5/5.

Top seed GM Baadur Jobava (2664) meanwhile conceded two draws to players rated much lower than him to be left at 4.0/5. IM Arghyadip Das (2485) and IM Prasanna Rao (2424) are also standing at 4.0/5 while IM Somak Palit (2345) is at 3.5/5.

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Hogeschool Zeeland 03: Rajpara and Palit among leaders

At the end of three rounds of play, India’s GM Ankit Rajpara (2460) and IM Somak Palit (2345) are among the leaders. All the top seeds managed to maintain a clean slate, with the exception of GM Michael Kresenkow (2616) who drew his third round game.

IM Prasanna Rao (2424) lost with the white pieces to a player rated below him to remain stranded at 2.0/3.

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Hogeschool Zeeland Chess 01: Jobava and Van Wely lead the field

The 19th Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament took off with leading names such as Georgian GM Baadur Jobava (2664) and Dutch GM Loek Van Wely (2654) in the starting list. All the top seeds managed to win their games.

The Indian challenge consists of IM Argyadip Das (2485), GM Ankit Rajpara (2460), IM Prasanna Rao (2424), IM Somak Palit (2345) and untitled Yogesh Gautam (2207). There were no hiccups for the Indians as all of them registered victories.

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