Bangkok: Wang Hao and Jan Gustafsson lead

Chinese GM Wang Hao and German GM Jan Gustafsson share the lead at the 15th Bangkok Chess Club Open, 2015 with 6.0/7. The leaders will be taking on each other in their penultimate round encounter.

Indians are having a gala time at this tournament with many talented youngsters amassing rating points.

You may have a look at the penultimate round pairings here:

Bangkok: Twelve players in lead

Twelve players share the lead with 5.0/6 at the 15th Bangkok Chess Club Open, 2015. The two top seeds Chinese GM Wang Hao and Spanish GM Francisco Vallejo drew their sixth round battle to stay in the pack of joint leaders.

Among the Indians, GM Deepan Chakkravarthy, GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly, GM Abhijit Kunte and IM Himanshu Sharma are in the pack of leaders with 5.0/6. Notably, GM Kunte will be playing the seventh round on the first board against the top seed GM Wang Hao.

Indian youngsters are performing admirably well with many players doing well to increase rating points.

You may check out the pairings for Round 7 here:

Bangkok Chess r4 : Three players share lead

Second seed GM Vallejo (2696) of Spain shares the lead with GM Gustaffson and GM Barbosa after the fourth round at the Bangkok Chess Club Open. The top boards witnessed numerous upset results with top seed Wang Hao (2702) settling for a draw with GM Jozsef Horvath (2522) and third seed GM Nigel Short (2678) losing to GM Oliver Barbosa (2489).

Young Indian untitled player Ritviz Parab (2188) is having a fairy tale tournament. He held Indian GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly (2619) to a draw on the fifth board to continue his fine run. In another all India clash, another youngster Michelle Catherina (2179) drew with IM Himanshu Sharma (2416) to become India’s latest Women International Master (WIM).

Pairings for Round 5:

Name Pts. Name Pts.
GM Gustafsson Jan 4 GM Vallejo Pons Francisco 4
GM Wang Hao GM Barbosa Oliver 4
GM Schebler Gerhard GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar
IM Sammalvuo Tapani GM Horvath Jozsef
IM Dimakiling Oliver IM Ghosh Diptayan
GM Laylo Darwin IM Swapnil S. Dhopade
Ritviz Parab GM Torre Eugenio
GM Short Nigel D 3 IM Ikeda Junta
GM Socko Bartosz 3 GM Lazarev Vladimir 3
IM Ahlander Bjorn 3 GM Rasmussen Allan Stig 3

You may check the pairings for round 5 here:

Bangkok Chess club open : 10 players on 3/3!

The 15th Bangkok Chess Club Open, 2015 began with 37 Indians in fray in the Open section. GM Wang Hao (2713), GM Vallejo Fransisco Vallejo (2696) and GM Nigel Short (2678) won their first three rounds quite comfortably.

GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly (2613) leads the Indian challenge and he will be playing the fourth round with an unlikely Indian co-leader in the form of Ritviz Parab (2188) of Goa who is off to a blazing start.

After 3 rounds, 10 players are on 3/3!

You may check out the pairings for round 4 here:

Bangkok Chess Club Open 2015

The 15th Bangkok Chess Club Open takes place from Apr 12 – Apr 19. Its a 9 round swiss league tourney with average ELO 2095.

Top seed is China’s Wang Hao (2713).

Top Indian players participating are:

Ganguly, Surya Shekhar 2619
Ghosh, Diptayan 2512
Kunte, Abhijit 2477
Deepan, Chakkravarthy J. 2475
Sunilduth, Lyna Narayanan 2464

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