Zalakaros Open Final: GM Kovalenko victorious!

After 9 rounds of gruelling chess at the Zalakaros Open 2015, GM Igor Kovalenko of Latvia came out on top with a total score of 7/9. Kovalenko had a terrible start to the tournament as he lost to IM Kantor Gergely in the very first round. However, he made a superb comeback as he won this strong open half a point ahead of his nearest rivals.

Meanwhile, 4 players tied for the second spot with 6.5/9, including India’s GM B. Adhiban.

Final Standings:


Zalakaros Open Round 7: Boruchovsky in sole lead

The 7th round of the Zalakaros Open 2015 saw GM Boruchovsky maintain his sole lead with 6/7 as he overcame IM Wagner with the Black pieces. GM Kovalenko and GM Ragger are closely behind Boruchovsky with 5.5 points each.

Amongst Indians, GM Adhiban won his 7th round game against GM Ruck Robert to maintain his joint 3rd position while IM Sagar Shah successfully held GM Csaba Horvath to a draw.

Full Round 7 Results:

Zalakaros open Round 5: Four players in joint lead

After 5 rounds of the Zalakaros Open 2015, four players – GMs Efimenko, Ragger, Boruchovsky and Papp Gabor – lead the table with 4 points each. GM Efimenko joined the leaders group courtesy of his important victory over GM Vajda Levente in Round 5.

Amongst Indian results, GM Adhiban drew GM Medvegy and now, is on the joint-second position with 3.5 points. Meanwhile, the husband/wife duo of IM Sagar Shah and Amruta Mokal is on 2.5/5 each. The two have been paired against each other for the 6th round of the tournament.

Full Round 5 Results:

Zalakaros Open Round 4: Three players in lead

After 4 rounds of the Zalakaros Open Chess Tournament 2015, GMs Ragger, Boruchovsky and Papp Gabor lead the pack with 3.5/4 each. 12 others closely follow the trio on 3/4, including Indian GM B. Adhiban, who is the 7th seeded player in this strong open.

The other Indians in the fray – IM Sagar Shah and Amruta Mokal – have had contrasting results. The former has struggled with a total of 1.5/4 so far while the latter has drawn a couple of higher-rated players and has managed to notch up a total of 2 points.

Complete Round 4 Results: