Magnus Carlsen wins Shamkir Chess, Anand clear 2nd

Magnus Carlsen, the winner of Shamkir Chess 2015 (pic: official site)

Top seed and World Chess champion Magnus Carlsen won the Shamkir Chess 2015 (in memory of Vugar Gashimov) with 7 out of 9 points! The world champion defeated Rauf Mamedov in the last round.

India’s Vishy Anand held Fabiano Caruana to a draw and finished clear 2nd with 6/9 points. Anand had a very good tournament and was the only other player to remain undefeated! (apart from Carlsen)

Points after final round 9:

Carlsen 7

Anand 6

Wesley, Caruana 5

Mamedyarov, Kramnik 4

Adams, Mamedov, Giri, Vachier-Lagrave 3.5

Shamkir Chess r08: Anand Kramnik Adams win!

Anand sipping his way to another win! (pic: official site)

Yet another dramatic day in Shamkir Chess saw 3 decisive games with Anand Kramnik Adams winning their respective games.

Anand played another great game and sacrificed an Exchange to beat Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (AZE) with the White pieces. Thanks to this win, Anand climbed to #2 spot in the world rankings and crossed the 2800 rating barrier again (2803 in live rating list)

Kramnik and Adams scored a morale boosting victory (after yesterday’s losses) over Vachier-Lagrave and Anish Giri respectively.

After round 7, Carlsen continues to lead with 6 points and Anand follows half a point behind. In the last round tomorrow, Carlsen has the advantage of White pieces against lowest seed Mamedov, while Anand faces Caruana with the Black pieces.

Points after round 7

Carlsen 6

Anand 5.5

So, Caruana 5…

Pairings round 8 (final)

Mamedyarov 2754 Adams 2746
Caruana 2802 Anand 2791
Carlsen 2863 Mamedov 2651
Vachier-Lagrave 2762 So 2788
Giri 2790 Kramnik 2783

Shamkir Chess r07 : Anand Carlsen Caruana win!

Anand vs Adams, Under the watchful eyes of the champion (credit: official site)

In what turned out to be good day for Chess fans, the Shamkir Chess tourney saw 3 decisive games with Anand Carlsen & Caruana winning their respective games.

Anand beat Adams

Vishy Anand continued his good run and beat Michael Adams of England. Anand opened with a rare 1.c4 and sacrificed an exchange. Anand nicely maneuvered his pieces to bring home the full point

Carlsen beat Kramnik

World champion Magnus Carlsen handed Vladimir Kramnik his 3rd successive loss, a rare for the former world champion. Magnus uncorked an opening surprise and Kramnik was left to do a lot of thinking over the board. Kramnik made a small tactical mistake after which he had to play most part of the game with his Rook and Bishop against Magnus’ Queen. It wasn’t too difficult for Magnus to win the game thereafter.

Fabiano beat Wesley

Fabiano Caruana beat Wesley So with the Black pieces. Other two games i.e. Mamedyarov vs Mamedov and MVL vs Giri were drawn.

Points after round 7

Magnus 5.5

Anand 4.5

Wesley, Caruana 4

Mamedyarov 3.5…

Round 8 pairings

Adams 2746 Giri 2790
Kramnik 2783 Vachier-Lagrave 2762
Wesley 2788 Carlsen 2863
Mamedov 2651 Caruana 2802
Anand 2791 Mamedyarov 2754

Shamkir Chess r06 : Caruana beats Kramnik, others draw

Caruana about to beat Kramnik (credit: Official site)

In a rather dull day in Shamkir Chess 2015, only Caruana managed to win. He beat former WC Vladimir Kramnik with the Black pieces.

Kramnik 0-1 Caruana

Mamedov 1/2 Anand

Adams 1/2 Vachier-Lagrave

Wesley 1/2 Mamedyarov

Giri 1/2 Carlsen

Round 7 pairings

Anand Viswanathan 2791 Adams Michael 2746
Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 2754 Mamedov Rauf 2651
Caruana Fabiano 2802 So Wesley 2788
Carlsen Magnus 2863 Kramnik Vladimir 2783
Vachier-Lagrave Maxime 2762 Giri Anish 2790

Shamkir Chess 05: 3 decisive games; Anand, Carlsen, Mamedyarov win

Anand vs Wesley in r5 (pic: official site)

Round 5 of Shamkir Chess (held in memory of Vugar Gashimov) had 3 decisive games.

Anand beat Wesley

Anand who looked well prepared for his game, got the better of the leader Wesley So with the White pieces. Early in the opening, Anand sacrificed his Knight for a good attack. After all the pieces were exchanged, Anand had a winning advantage in a Queen endgame (with as many as 14 pawns still on board!). The Indian champ easily converted his advantage.

In other decisive games, world champion beat Vachier-Lagrave, while Shakriyar Mamedyarov beat former world champion Vladimir Kramnik.


Anand 1-0 Wesley

Memdov 1/2 Adams

Carlsen 1-0 Vachier-Lagrave

Mamedyarov 1-0 Kramnik

Caruana 1/2 Giri

Pairings round 06 (Thursday)

Adams 2746 Vachier-Lagrave 2762
Giri 2790 Carlsen 2863
Kramnik 2783 Caruana 2802
So 2788 Mamedyarov 2754
Mamedov 2651 Anand 2791

Wednesday is a rest day.

Shamkir 04: So wins, Anand holds Kramink with Black

It was another relatively quiet affair at the Vugar Gashimov Memorial Tournament. Wesley So was the sole winner of the day, beating the last seed of the tournament Rauf Mamedov is a fairly effortless manner with the white pieces. With this win, So walks into pole position in the tournament with 3.5/4 as hos co-leader overnight World Champion Magnus Carlsen could only draw with GM Michael Adams.

Vishy Anand played the black side of a Slav defense against Vladimir Kramnik. The battle between two former world champions petered out into a draw with opposite coloured bishops on the board.

Round five promises to be a cracker with Vishy taking on the leader GM Wesley So with the white pieces.

Resutlts for Round 4:

 GM Giri, Anish (1) 2790 ½-½  GM Mamedyarov (1) 2754
 GM Kramnik, V. (2) 2783 ½-½  GM Anand, V. (1½) 2791
 GM Adams, M. (½) 2746 ½-½  GM Carlsen, M. (2½) 2863
 GM So, Wesley (2½) 2788 1-0  GM Mamedov, Rauf (1½) 2651
 GM Vachier-Lagr. (1½) 2762 ½-½  GM Caruana, F. (1) 2802

Pairings for Round 5:

 GM Mamedov, Rauf (1½) 2651  GM Adams, M. (1) 2746
 GM Anand, V. (2) 2791  GM So, Wesley (3½) 2788
 GM Mamedyarov (1½) 2754  GM Kramnik, V. (2½) 2783
 GM Caruana, F. (1½) 2802  GM Giri, Anish (1½) 2790
 GM Carlsen, M. (3) 2863  GM Vachier-Lagr. (2) 2762


Shamkir 03: Anand draws Giri; Carlsen, So win

Vishy Anand played out a complex game where he was pressing most of the time after an exchange sacrifice in the Advance variation of the Caro-Kann defense. However, it was apparent that nerves played a huge role in the game. He could not convert the sacrifice into a point as Giri caught a perpetual.

Meanwhile, Carlsen won his second consecutive game, outplaying Fabiano Caruana from the black side of a Dutch defense. Wesley So too registered his second win of the tournament managing to outlast English GM Michael Adams in a long maneuvering struggle. All other games ended in draws.

Results for Round 3:

Name Rtg Result Name Rtg
So 2788 1-0 Adams 2746
Mamedov 2651 ½-½ Kramnik 2783
Anand 2791 ½-½ Giri 2790
Mamedyarov 2754 ½-½ Maxime 2762
Caruana 2802 0-1 Carlsen 2863

Pairings for Round 4:

Name Rtg Result Name Rtg
Adams 2746 Carlsen 2863
Maxime 2762 Caruana 2802
Giri 2790 Mamedyarov 2754
Kramnik 2783 Anand 2791
So 2788 Mamedov 2651

Shamkir Chess 02: Carlsen wins, others settle for draws

The second round of the Vugar Gashimov Memorial tournament at Shamkir Chess was a relatively quiet affair with only the World Champion Magnus Carlsen winning his duel with Azerbaijani number one Sharkhriyar  Mamedyarov.

Vishy Anand did not have any problems in holding off French GM Maxime Vachier Lagrave (2762) with the black pieces.

Results for Round 2:

Adams 2746 ½-½ Caruana 2802
Carlsen 2863 1-0 Mamedyarov 2754
Vachier-Lagrave 2762 ½-½ Anand 2791
Giri 2790 ½-½ Mamedov 2651
Kramnik 2783 ½-½ So 2788

Pairings for Round 3:

So 2788 Adams 2746
Mamedov 2651 Kramnik 2783
Anand 2791 Giri 2790
Mamedyarov 2754 Vachier-Lagrave 2762
Caruana 2802 Carlsen 2863


Shamkir Chess 01: Kramnik, So win; Carlsen holds Anand

The Vugar Gashimov Memorial was off to a rollicking start with former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik (2783) and GM Wesly So (2788) registering convincing victories over GM Micael Adams (2746) and GM Anish Giri (2790) respectively. Kramnik was his usual technical self, slowly building up his advantage to a winning a rook endgame. So on the other hand simply wiped Anish Giri off the board.

Indian ace Vishwanathan Anand landed in an advantageous position versus his arch-nemesis, the current World Champion Magnus Calrsen. Carlsen managed to set up a fortress like position with his queen-side black pawn pinning down white’s b pawn. Anand tried to break thorough and while he did have an advantage, he could not make progress resulting in a draw – an arguably lucky escape for the Norwegian.


Name                                           Result             Name
Kramnik Vladimir 2783             1-0      Adams Michael 2746
So Wesley 2788                            1-0      Giri Anish 2790
Mamedov Rauf 2651                  ½-½     Vachier-Lagrave Maxime 2762
Anand Viswanathan 2791         ½-½     Carlsen Magnus 2863
Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 2754 ½-½    Caruana Fabiano 2802

Round  pairings:

Name                                                      Name
Adams Michael 2746 –                   Caruana Fabiano 2802
Carlsen Magnus 2863 –                  Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 2754
Vachier-Lagrave Maxime 2762 – Anand Viswanathan 2791
Giri Anish 2790 –                             Mamedov Rauf 2651
Kramnik Vladimir 2783 –              So Wesley 2788

Shamkir Chess 2015: Vugar Gashimov Memorial Super-Tournament begins

The Shamkir Chess tournament (in memory of Vugar Gashimov) kicks-off today at Shamkir, Azerbaijan. The super tournament is expected to be a grand affair with both the World Champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway and vice World Champion Vishy Anand of India battling it out.

As per the draws, Vishy will play Carlsen with the white pieces in the very first round. The tournament is a nine round all-play-all which will be played from today to 26th April, 2015.

The pairings for Round 1 are as follows:

White                                             Black
1 GM Kramnik, V. (0) 2783           GM Adams, M. (0) 2746
2 GM So, Wesley (0) 2788             GM Giri, Anish (0) 2790
3 GM Mamedov, Rauf (0) 2651    GM Vachier-Lagr. (0) 2762
4 GM Anand, V. (0) 2791               GM Carlsen, M. (0) 2863
5 GM Mamedyarov (0) 2754        GM Caruana, F. (0) 2802

Official website:

You may follow all the action live in your Followchess App.