French Chess Championship Final: Bauer, Skripchenko Clinch Titles!

Men’s Section:

After 11 Rounds of gruelling chess at the 20th French Chess Championship 2015, GMs Christian Bauer and Tigran Gharamian finished tied for the first spot with 7.5 points each. However, Bauer edged out Gharamian in the Tie-breakers with a 1.5-0.5 scoreline to clinch the French Championship Title for the 3rd time in his career. Meanwhile, GM Etienne Bacrot secured the sole third place with a total tally of 7 points.

Women’s Section:

The Women’s section witnessed a relatively easier fight for the 1st place as Almira Skripchenko’s last round draw helped her clinch the 6th French Title of her career with an impressive tally of 9 points. Almira was followed by WGM Nino Maisurdze and IM Sophie Milliet on the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.

French Chess Championship 08: Three Decisive Games

The 8th round of the French Championship 2015 saw 3 of the total 6 games ending decisively. From the point of view of current standings, GM Gozzoli’s victory over GM Istratescu proved to be a crucial one as it enabled the former to move on to the joint-second spot along with GM Gharamian. In the other decisive games, GMs Edouard and Maze overcame GMs Cornette and Schekachev respectively.

After 8 rounds, GMs Bauer and Degraeve are leading the pack with 5.5 points each. The duo drew their 8th round games against Lagarde and Bacrot respectively.

Round 8 Results:


Bacrot ½-½
Edouard Cornette



Istratescu 1-0
Lagarde Bauer



Shchekachev 1-0




French Chess Championship 06: A Fighting Round!

The sixth round of the French Chess Championship 2015 proved to be an exciting one with 4 of the 6 games ending decisively. The only games to end in peace were Degraeve – Gharamian and Lagarde – Bacrot.

From the standings point of view, GM Bauer’s 61-move victory over GM Gozzoli proved to be an important one. This victory helped Bauer secure the sole second spot after Round 6, just half a point behind the leader GM Jean-Marc Degraeve. Meanwhile, GMs Gharamian, Maze and Edouard are ranked joint 3rd and are trailing Bauer by half a point.

Round 6 Results:


Gharamian ½-½
Edouard Shchekachev



Bauer 0-1
Istratescu Cornette



Bacrot ½-½
Maze Moussard


French Chess Championship 05: GM Degraeve in sole lead

The fifth round of the French Championship 2015 witnessed a couple of crucial results as GM Degraeve won against IM Moussard while GM Cornette overcame GM Bauer. These results enabled GM Degraeve to take up the sole lead after Round 5 win a 1-point margin over his nearest rivals.

Meanwhile, GM Yannick Gozzoli scored a convincing victory over GM Maze. The rest of the games ended in peace.

Round 5 Results:


½-½  Edouard
Cornette 1-0



½-½ Istratescu
Moussard 0-1



½-½ Lagarde
Maze 0-1


French Chess Championship 04: Bauer, Degraeve in lead

The 4th round of the French Championship 2015 witnessed two decisive games as GMs Gharamian and Edouard overcame GM Lagarde and IM Moussard respectively. Both the games proved to be pretty one-sided affairs for the two winners.

Meanwhile, GMs Bauer and Degraeve maintained their lead at the top of the table with draws against GMs Bacrot and Maze respectively. The two leaders, who are on 3/4, are being closely trailed by GMs Maze and Gharamian with a tally of 2.5 points each.

Round 4 Results:

Bauer, Christian

Bacrot, Etienne ½-½

Degraeve, Jean-Marc

Maze, Sebastien ½-½
Edouard, Romain Moussard, Jules


Gozzoli, Yannick Cornette, Matthieu


Istratescu, Andrei

Shchekachev, Andrei ½-½
Lagarde, Maxime Gharamian, Tigran